Programs of the project


Laboratory Programe

The Laboratory Programe prioritizes the use of the areas and equipment we provide as a service to artists and others involved in the world of culture who submit projects in the periodical competitions held.

This includes renting studios and other work areas, renting and/or providing equipment and audiovisual and multimedia resources, training workshops and workshops with internationally renowned artists.

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Residence Programe

Can Xalant houses a residence at the centre to provide resident programmes for foreign artists. The residence is one of the most effective tools for promoting Can Xalant as a simultaneous production and training area and to establish exchange and cooperation projects with other centres and cultural organizations to foster networking and enrich the programme.

Two types of residences are possible. One that is considered as cooperation with other cultural centres which enable us to take advantage of the presence of international artists in Catalonia to carry out activities in Mataró: resident artists are invited to conduct a project or teach a workshop and exhibit their art work publicly (Resident programme); and also the international artist residence based on exchanges with other (Exchange programme)

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Curatorship Programe

The Curatorship Programe could be described as a compendium of all the activities organized
by Can Xalant or commissioned by other specialized cultural agents with the aim of generating
thought and debate on specific issues related directly to production processes. Most of these activities
-seminars, presentations, round tables or conferences- are involved with other programmes, especially residence programmes.

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Divulgation Programe

Can Xalant is not an exhibition area, and despite thisit is clear that divulgation falls within its functions as one of the support tools for production and training. In 2009 and 2010 several exhibitions and shows were held with works created at Can Xalant –by artists with a studio or projects created in productions or during exchanges or residences with foreign artists. Although a small area was provided in the centre as an occasional exhibition area, most exhibitions of these productions were held at other centres such as La Capella in Barcelona or Nivell Zero at the Fundació Suñol, or the area at Can Xalant called the Municipal Rooms of Can Palauet in Mataró, an area provided by the imac in Mataró as a place to exhibit the activities carried out at Can Xalant.

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