Can Xalant is the first Centre for the Creation of Visual Arts and Contemporary Thought to be set up in the region and was born out of an agreement signed between the Mataró Council and the Independent Body for Cultural Promotion of the Catalan Regional Government’s Department of Culture.

The aim of the project is to establish the programmes necessary for research and production in the field of the visual arts. With this in mind, the Centre offers the artistic community, and all those involved in the world of culture who so request, the resources they need in order to develop their own projects, with particular focus being placed on up-and-coming artist with ties to the region and to its social context.

It is our view that creation in general and the contemporary visual arts in particular, are a combination of research, production, documentation, exhibition and education, with a will and an attempt to reflect on and affect the sociocultural reality. The management and administration team at the Center work towards capturing, deepening and supporting such initiatives. Can Xalant thus defines itself as a space for experimentation and innovation.

The cross-functional and intersecting nature of the various programmes offered by the Center itself becomes their common, underlying feature. The activity of the different workshops, residencies, exchanges, complementary activities, exhibition programmes, teaching programmes and publications complement each other to form a platform of coherent content.

We are convinced of the importance of the visual arts within our culture, and of the need for public bodies to provide resources in order to allow artists to work under optimum conditions. Can Xalant aims to be a landmark project serving as an example of how this could work in the future.

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